Spring HTTP-Remoting Connector Builder

This Connector Builder generates Spring HTTP-Remoting classes. Spring HTTP-Remoting is uses to call PL/SQL stored procedures tunneled by a HTTP webserver. This is required if no direct access to the Oracle database is allowed or wanted. The implementation is very stable and allows running different versions JRE (up from Java 1.5) on server and client. The complete code and configuration is generated.

Generated Code

  • Server Generated Code :
    • Service interface classes
    • Java implementation classes
    • Java transfer objects
  • Client Generated Code :
    • Service interface classes
    • Java transfer objects
    • Client service factory class


  • Oracle JDBC driver.
  • Connection pool libraries : UCP (Oracle Universal Connection Pool), Spring connection pool, Apache connection pool or etc.
  • Spring Web-MVC

Manual Configuration

  • Server configuration :
    • DataSource Configuration
  • Client configuration :
    • Server URL Configuration

Spring Remoting Example Download

To get more detailed information, have a look at the runnable example. Download Example Page >>>

UI Configuration