PL/SQL Batch/Stream Processor

  • This Connector Builder extends the Java-RPC and Raw-JDBC Connector Builder.
  • To each stored procedure returning exactly one typed cursor a service method returning a java.uti.Stream or transfer object containing a field as java.uti.Stream is added.
  • This makes batch processing for mass data very convenient without any additional programming.

Generated Code

Addionally to the created Java code from the Java-RPC and Raw-JDBC Connector Builder, the following Java code extentions are created.
  • Service interface class : An additional method declaration returning a stream or a transfer object containing a stream field. The method suffix is 'Stream'.
  • Java implementation class : The implementation of the additions method implementing the stream support and handle java.lang.AutoClosable.
  • Java transfer object : An additional transfer object with suffix 'Stream' is generated. The field with origin type List<?> is set to stream type. The transfer object implements java.lang.AutoClosable.

See Java-RPC and Raw-JDBC Connector Builder for configuration information.
An example demonstrates the use of this builder type. Download Example Page >>>