Example Information

Setup Information

  • You must have the Plug-In PL/SQL Enterprise Workbench installed.
  • The examples are configured using Maven and the Oracle Maven repository.
  • If you don't use the Oracle Maven repository you must download the libraries or take them from your Oracle installation and install them in you local Maven repository.
  • If you don't use Maven, make sure the required libraries are in your project path. Take a look at the required libraries listed in the download section.

Important Notes !

  • The examples demonstrate the remote calls of stored procedures and handles of data transfer. The examples are build to use minimum of data setup, so most of the stored procedure do not access tables and no tables, indexes, etc. has to be created. These are not real world use cases.
  • The examples are not indented to learn PL/SQL programming. You can start using the Connector Builder with basic knowledge on PL/SQL. But you should be an advanced PL/SQL programmer when using Bulk processing and working with object types.