Java EE Connector Builder

This Connector Builder generates Java EE stateless session beans to call the stored procedures. On demand a remote client can be generated.
The sessions beans are called via the factory api. The factory creates service calls to each remote session bean calling the stored procedures and package.

Generated Code

  • Server Generated Code :
    • Service interface classes
    • Java stateless session beans
    • Java transfer objects
  • Client Generated Code :
    • Service interface classes
    • Java transfer objects
    • Remote invoker classes
    • Client service factory class


  • Oracle JDBC driver.
  • Application server dependencies

Important Notes !

  • The Oracle JDBC library must be accessible (e.g. declared as module in JBoss application server).

Manual Configuration

  • Server configuration :
    • JNDI DataSource : The data source is configured inside the application server and the JNDI-URL is set of the PL/SQL Connector Builder settings.
    • JBoss - JDBC-Driver : The Oracle JDBC-driver has to be configured as module to access the Oracle extensions of the driver.
    • JBoss - EAR/EJB-Module : The JBoss deployment structure configuration is used to get access to the Oracle JDBC driver.
  • Client configuration :
    • Context calling configuration : The calling context configuration depends on the application server.

JBoss Example Download

To get more detailed information, have a look at the runnable example. Download Example Page >>>

UI Configuration