Java RPC Connector Builder

This Connector Builder fits perfect if you want directly call the stored procedures and don't want to handle the transactions.
The stored procedures are called via the factory api. The factory creates service calls to each stored procedure and package.

Generated Code

  • Service factory class
  • Service interface classes
  • Java implementation classes
  • Java transfer objects


  • Oracle JDBC driver.
  • Connection pool libraries : UCP (Oracle Universal Connection Pool), Spring connection pool, Apache connection pool or etc.

Manual Configuration

  • Data Source Class : Is used by the factory class to get the Data Source. The class must implement a static method getDatasource().

Example Data Source Java Class

This example demonstrate using the Oracle Universal Connection Pool (UCP). The Oracle Universal Connection Pool and the Spring connection pool are using unwrapped connections. Apache connections pools are using wrapped connections. Be sure to set the correct setting to the PL/SQL Connection Builder.
Java Class :
package factory;

import java.util.Properties;
import javax.sql.DataSource;

import oracle.ucp.jdbc.PoolDataSource;
import oracle.ucp.jdbc.PoolDataSourceFactory;

class DbwTestDataSource {
  private DbwTestDataSource() {}
  private static DataSource dataSource;

  static DataSource getDataSource() throws Exception {
    if (dataSource == null) {
      PoolDataSource poolDataSource = PoolDataSourceFactory.getPoolDataSource();
      dataSource = poolDataSource;
    return dataSource;

UI Configuration