Database Objects : User Objects, Private Synonyms and Schema Prefix

User Objects

When you choose no schema prefix ('none/connected user'), the PL/SQL Connector Builder generates Java accessors for procedures, functions and packages as well as private synonyms assigned to procedures, functions or packages to other schemas. The synonym name and the referenced database object name must be identically.
Security : Best Practice
  • In Development Phase : Access the database objects directly from the schema user without schema prefix.
  • In Production Phase : Generate a new user. Generate private synonyms to all database objects the PL/SQL Connector Builder generated accessor classes for. Grant execute rights to the synonyms.

Schema Prefix

When you choose a schema prefix other then the connected user, you can access Database Objects of Procedures, Functions and Packages from a different user but no private synonyms. The connected user must have full rights to access the database objects.

Public Synonyms

Public synonyms are not supported by the PL/SQL Connector Builder (actually there is no need to support public synonyms).

Known Issue

When using Oracle 12.2 and accessing private synonyms or schema prefix the generator works very slow. This occurs due to access the datadictionary view 'ALL_SOURCE' which is very slow especially in Oracle DB Version 12.2.